Proposed RRC Amendments for Inactive Wells

House Bill 3134, deals with the procedures to be followed by Railroad Commission staff determines that an operator is not in compliance with the requirements for inactive wells.

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Oil companies charged in ND migratory bird deaths

FARGO, N.D. (AP) — Seven oil companies have been charged in federal court with killing migratory birds that died after allegedly landing in oil waste pits in western North Dakota.

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Oilfield Cleanup: Experts Advise Proactive Mindset

Prior to the Texas Legislature's passage of House Bill 2259 (HB2259) in 2009, an operator could leave an inactive well unplugged indefinitely, as long as the oil and gas lease on which the well is located remains in effect, by simply filing an annual form.

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No Credible Evidence Supports EPA Order Against Range Production Company

Mounting Evidence Raises Serious Questions about EPA's Actions and Motives By Gene Powell, Publisher/Editor – Powell Barnett Shale Newsletter.

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Information about House Bill 2259 (HB 2259)

HB 2259 establishes new requirements for oil and gas operators related to surface equipment removal, as well as additional requirements for the approval of plugging extensions for inactive wells

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Dynamic Salvage and Recovery, Inc.

Broken Tank


DSR is a Professional Engineering Firm that provides comprehensive, environmental based services for the management of assets, compliance and risk reduction specific to the Oil & Gas Industry.

DSR represents over 125 years of oil field experience combined with modern GIS systems, state of the art radiological and contaminant testing, engineering and field service. Our focus is on the resolution of environmental-related issues including NORM, Contamination Evaluation, Spill Plan Evaluation, Lease Site Remediation and Cleanup Efforts. These services include removal of all lease site equipment and culminate with detailed data gathering and record archiving for court room defensible records.